Photo by: Kicki fotograf


Hanna Hagström

Iréne has trimmed my two horses since 3 years and been guiding me through the journey from shod to shoeless hooves. Because the state of the hooves of my two horses were very different Irene set up individual rehabilitation program for them with the result well functioning and healthy hooves on both. She has also both theoretically and practically supported me how to manage my horses hooves in between trims. I am very happy to have Irene as my ADAE-podiatrist for my horses!

Ovita med matte Maggan

After a heavy spring with laminitis and founder we now dare to look forward again! Thank you for all your help, not only for helping my feet back into balance but also for your engagement 24/7 as my owner has had a lot of support from. There were many thoughts and questions. I will be seeing you next week when my hooves needs a trim again. PS on the picture I am with my summer trainer:)

Ulrika Malmqvist

I have known Iréne for 5 years and she has helped med with Mio´s hooves so they have return to healthy hooves again. She knows a lot about horses and their care so she has become a kind of mentor to me, above all when it comes to hoofcare, but also other things. I can warmly recommend Irene!