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About us

My name is Iréne Sjölander and I work with training, rehabilitating horses and balancing hooves. I have been working as a Doctor of Naprapathy since 20 years and have supplementary educations including an international hoof care education, AEP.

I have found that our domesticated horses have a lot of common problems that can actually be avoided.

We are located in Hudiksvall, Sweden, in an area surrounded by woods, fields and large fenced areas for the horses to graze. We have a stable with 17 boxes, wind shelter, areas for trailriding, roads for driving and a ridingarena. This is a nice place!

Iréne Sjölander
+46 (0)70 449 47 46

Iréne Sjölander - Utbildningar:

Leg. Naprapat 1994 – 99

Askultation med hästkiropraktorer 2003‐2006

Applied equine podiatry 2014‐2015

Advanced Applied equine podiatry 2016-17
Exploring chronic founder 2018

Continual professional development AEP, 2017, 2018

Functional Neurology, Nicole Oliver, 2019,

Hovformsspecialist 2012

NRC‐plus 2013

Trav Tränar, kör och monté licens 2009

Longreining clinics, Piet Bakker 2011‐2012

Clinics för Ellen Ofstad 2008

Laser, irradia 2014

Dr Bowker, hovens funktion och anatomi 2013

Sebastiano Piazza ”Verkning och hovslageri ur internationellt perspektiv” 2015